To caregivers who like to feel like they’re part of a community, our handwoven artisan sling carriers offer a way to bond with their babies, while allowing them to wear visually-appealing, limited edition, and ethically produced fabrics because we believe in human connection, self-expression, and conscientious fashion.

A business built with a purpose

Our Story

It all started when Amanda, our CEO, wanted a sling that provided effortless support yet was breathable, that didn't slip in the rings, and that allowed her to express herself. She decided to make her own, and the rest is history.

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in three pillars (1) Maternité - Develop the best products for motherhood, (2) Connect - Build a community of like-minded caregivers and create an integrated customer experience, and (3) Social Impact - Provide fair and consistent wages to foster growth of marginalized communities that experience social, political, and economic exclusion and discrimination.

Our Name

Leeloo is an amalgamation of the names of Amanda's two youngest boys Lincoln (Link) and Lucas (Luke), both of whom love to be worn in the ring sling.

A Letter from our Founder

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